Me2I am an experienced historical researcher of 25 years with a great passion for history. I have traced my own family tree to pre-Norman times, and have discovered links to many medieaval noble houses all over Europe. Some of my research can be found on this Facebook page. It is a work in progress as I would think it will always be! I hope to help others link their family history with similar historical figures. Anyone can contact me through this website or use my personal e-mail gwyn.hughes63@gmail.com.  I offer very reasonable rates for researching family trees and would welcome any inquiries relating to any assistance relating to  historical research. I believe that people should get as much information as possible about their roots, which is the core principle behind my approach.


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  1. Hello I have just found your sight although I haven’t had the time to really look at it . I am a big BEATLES fan and interested in their ancestry . I cant quite believe that the millward family were left a lot of money by a relative when you look at the places Annie millward lived in when married apart from Huskisson street can you shed any light Regards Geoff Wade

  2. Was Annie millwards family left some money by a rich relative

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